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Q1: Could you tell us a little about your background and what’s the meaning behind @Aerix? 

Aerix stands for atmosphere in latin word “aeris”. It is the philosophy Aerix wants to create for users to experience: listen to Music in an open space without boundaries and limitations. Similarly, designing Aerix products with simple lines and ratio for the users to fit in any environment.

Aerix is a team of audiophiles and French industrial designer for over 40 years. Aerix was established in 2012 and we look forward to build the best “all in one products” in the category.

Q2: What is the design philosophy of @Aerix Duet?

“A simple geometry not only brings clarity to the product, making it easily memorable to anyone, it also gives the authentic look we strive for.” We drew our inspirations from the worlds of traditional Hi-Fi and modern architecture. The result is a convincing “house of sound” that speaks minimalism for a long lasting high-end audio experience.

Q3: Could you tell us more about the “360 degrees Atmospheric Surround Soundand the “DTS Play – Fi module” systems? 

We believe 360 degrees of sound dispersion is the most ideal way of listening in modern living style. We customized our horn structure specifically as well as transducer, the purpose is to deliver sound evenly to every corner. All of the horn inside of each speaker are measured by “bell’s curve” in order to achieve 360 degrees of sound dispersion.

There are total of three concepts: D.A.D, V.I.S, E.S.C. Each of them stands for carefully designed speaker structure and electronics.

DTS play-fi module allows the user to work with multiple sources as well as multi room functions. It is the ecosystem that we look forward Aerix to be part of. Little secret, DTS play-fi is also one of the three partners Amazon Echo selected to partner with. You may see something interesting with this feature in the near future.

Q4: What is the hardest part in making the brand? 

The hardest part is to persist and strive for the original concept and evolve.

Q5: What makes @Aerix Duet different than other audio products? 

Aerix products are designed to be classic speakers rather than fashion goods. We strive for the golden ratio, acoustic and aesthetically, at all of our products.

Q6: What can we expect to see from @Aerix in 2017?

More colors and more products, stay tuned.

Q7: Could you describe @Aerix in three words?

Design, engineering, sound


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“Spotify never sounded so good.”

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WIRED magazine UK features Aerix DUET in their latest Jan/Feb 2017 special double issue!

Here’s a sneak peek into the issure:

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Source: WIRED Magazine UK

Aerix Duet – Hong Kong launch

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Aerix unveils Duet – an architectural stunner and high-specification sound system


Hong Kong, Dec. 2, 2016 – Aerix introduces Duet, an innovative high-specification, all-in-one sound system, complete with integrated CD player as well as wireless music streaming compatibility. Using cutting-edge technology, Duet creates an immersive ‘360 degree’ audio atmosphere — no matter where you are in the room.

The Duet design houses two high-end specification horns above and below, one for high notes and another for bass. When paired with powerful, vertical-firing drivers and tweeters, pushing sound waves outward, evenly in a 360 degrees halo. The system incorporates two minimalist cubes – each features aluminium plating with flawless finish – which sit on top of a matted chrome plate, delivering stand-out visuals. Duet integrates the latest DTS Play-Fi module and advanced Bluetooth, letting you play from various sources, such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Songza, and many more.

“Duet is a masterpiece of acoustics engineering and enduring elegance/design/simplicity. It breaks through the constraints that have always limited stand-alone speakers,” says Jimmy Chang, co-founder of Aerix and creator of Duet, “40 years and three generations of building premium hi-fi sound systems have culminated in this creation. When it plays, music fills every inch of the atmosphere. Duet has taken existing options of stand-alone speakers to the next level.”


Atmospheric Surround Sound

Duet is uniquely engineered to make listening to music an immersive experience; its advanced tuning technology revolutionizes how machines deliver sound. Whereas the optimum sound range of traditional all-in-one systems is 45 degrees at best, Duet delivers amazing sound at 360 degrees, saturating every corner of the room with what its maker calls an “Atmosphere of Sound” or “Aerix”.

Hyper Intelligent Sound for Humans

Our advanced DSP chips are optimised with exclusive VIS technology, the latest in human auditory psychoacoustics, and include three built-in modes: Relax, Natural, or Hyper. Each setting is precisely engineered to deliver nothing less than the most premium listening experience.

Dynamic Sound Wave Drivers

Music should sound alive. Duet does this, fully absorbing its audience and their auditory senses with sound so real that it feels alive. Powerful vertical-firing drivers compress airwaves downward to the specially designed panel at the bottom of each unit, extending sound evenly and consistently, every time, everywhere.

State of the Art Components

Duet’s high-specification components set itself apart from stand-alone stereos that came before now. Aerix insists on the highest standard for even hidden details, making an audible difference between regular and spectacular sound.

  •   1.5-inch transducer
  •   circular horn diffuser
  •   double magnetic rounded subwoofer
  •   bell-curved horned and a conical base for precise bass reflection


The Humble Cube

An international team from Switzerland, France, Germany, and Taiwan designed Duet. This design collective shared a vision for creating a product that is at once simple and sophisticated, that can stand the test of changing fashion and grow old with us. The humble cube reflects these values with its classic lines, clean edges, and precise design details.

Muted Light Signals

Listeners should be able to experience of music without distractions, which is why Duet’s LED light display, for navigating functional settings, is only as attention-grabbing as it needs to be—muted and hidden behind a layer of mesh aluminium.


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