Ember – your beverage, your temperature

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“Too cold.  Too hot.  Just right.  Pour in your coffee or tea and fine-tune your temperature.  Ember keeps your beverage just right for hours.”


How does it work?


The world’s most advanced mug with the most simple day-to-day functionality.  The Ember mug makes sure your beverage is at the perfect temperature throughout the day, just the way you like it.  Using it is completely hassle free.  Simply pour your coffee, tea, or you favorite beverage into the Ember mug and it will ensure that it will never get cold, or anything below your standards.  The Ember mug uses a companion app in which you can easily change your preferred temperature to let the mug know what temperature you’d like to retain.  At roughly the size of a normal travel mug, the Ember can keep your beverage heated for up to 2 hours on the go, and even all day if kept on the charging dock.  The temperature of your beverage can be seen at the bottom of the Ember mug.  You never have to drink that nasty cup of lukewarm coffee ever again.




Source:  Indiegogo, Ember