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MEET SPINN! Smart Coffee Machine!

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Are you a Coffee Lover? Our teams definitely are! Let me introduce you SPINN.

From Spinn Official Presskit:

Meet Spinn: a revolutionary new way to enjoy quality roasts and specialty coffee drinks right on your kitchen countertop. On the surface, Spinn’s unique centrifugal brewing system allows one machine to make everything from your morning latte to your afternoon espresso with zero mess. But Spinn’s connected features and worldwide network of coffee roasters are what truly set it apart.

Spinn is much more than a coffee machine with WiFi. The proprietary app allows users to precisely control every aspect of the brewing process or let Spinn handle the details with pre­programmed recipes and brewing methods recommended by professional roasters and baristas around the world. Spinn’s built­in grinder and water filter mean there’s nothing to clean up and only dry, spent grounds to compost. With an intelligent hopper, Spinn knows when the machine is running low on beans and will automatically select the next roast to order from the user’s personalized bean list. With Amazon Alexa integration, users can finally enjoy a truly hassle­free cup of coffee at home. “Alexa ­ make me a cup of coffee.”

Features: ­

  • WiFi connected ­ Touch display
  • ­ Remote controlled (via Spinn App) ­
  • Automatic ordering ­
  • Alexa integration ­
  • Roaster recipes ­
  • Centrifugal Brewing



source: SPINN

A Beautiful Vertical Garden!

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The Work Project, newly launched coworking spaces and serviced offices, located at Midtown Causeway Bay.

Wait, did i mention something is launching at this place ?

Do you like Snapchat? Look what’s at our office!

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Look like something cool has arrived our office! The Snapchat SPECTACLES!




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Something is coming to town soon! Stay put for more details regarding AERIX!