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LaMetric – customizable smart ticker

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“LaMetric is the first standalone, customizable, hackable ticker that tracks key metrics and displays them in real-time.”


This unique retro, 8-bit style clock display alerts, notifications and other information you choose via an eye-catching desktop or mountable display.  Ever feel frustrated to scroll through all your apps to find what you’re looking for?  Tired of always having to check your phone for notifications.  LaMetric offers a convenient, all in one place ticker for displaying everything you need in real-time with style.



The possibilities are truly limitless with LaMetric.  With the companion app, everything on your device is customizable.  Display what you need, when you need it, how you need it.  The app comes with some key feature such as weather, e-mail, calendar, fitness records, countdown timers and such.  Because of the customizable functions, any additional notifications can easily be added with guidance from the companion app.  Inside the app, you’ll be able to find a “store” in which users can download custom apps that others have created, all for free.  Best of all, the device comes with buttons on the top side to change between different display manually, along with speakers to play sound notifications and music as well.  No matter if you need this for personal use or business use, the functionality of this awesome device never stops growing!


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Source: Kickstarter, TechCrunch

Small Transparent Speaker by PEOPLE PEOPLE

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The Small Transparent Speaker is the 2nd generation of the original Transparent Speaker joining the PEOPLE PEOPLE family.


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Much like it’s predecessor, the Small Transparent Speaker follows the same design concepts:  simple Scandinavian aesthetics.  With premium materials; aluminium frame and hardened glass, this piece will fit into almost any interior (available in black or white).


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Compared to the original large transparent speaker, this small wireless speaker is more affordable at an expected retail price of USD$310.  However, don’t be fooled by the size of the speaker.  It’s still very capable of big sound.

The Transparent Speaker is built with premium audio components. The two-custom made 2.5 inch full range drivers deliver crisp lifelike vocals, while the passive bass radiator gives a punch to any beat. It has a built-in amplifier which has embedded digital signal processing (DSP) to ensure a full and balanced crystal clear sound. If you use a high resolution audio streaming source, you will really start to hear new things. This product builds on all that we have learned from tuning the highly appreciated sound in our large Transparent Speaker.” – PEOPLE PEOPLE


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Along with great aesthetics and quality sound, the Small Transparent Speaker makes life easy when it comes to connection.  The speaker has both WiFi and Bluetooth modules and supports the latest, most popular wireless platforms such as Apple Airplay, Google Cast and Spotify Connect, making listening to your favorite tunes has hassle free.  With the wireless connectivity, all updates to the software can be done internally, ensuring improvement over time.


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Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the fact that it was built with sensors to detect malfunctions with your speaker.  Users will receive a notification automatically on your connected device to show you if a part needs to be repaired, replaced, or updated.


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Source:  PEOPLE PEOPLE, Kickstarter